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Peak Performance Institute is a unique, multidisciplinary health and wellbeing studio catering to those who have moved with the times. Under one roof is a health studio that unites different health professionals in a combined effort to help everyone achieve their Peak, regardless of background & sporting prowess.

Comprised of a unique mix of world champions, elite athletes, experienced health professionals with unique skillsets not to mention a state-of-the-art technology, this place is not like any other place.

From a welcome lounge more closely aligned with your favourite cafe of a collaborative workspace to a contemporary design that emphasises welcoming clients, this is not just another clinic.


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Why Peak Performance?


Times have changed. So have the ways we look after ourselves. Today so many more of us understand that to achieve peak performance in our minds and bodies we need to take pro-active steps around a healthy mindset, diet and nutrition, efficient injury management, regular maintenance and programs that build power, strength and conditioning.

What we need is a hub that embraces all that thinking, in the one place. A contemporary, professional fraternity that brings together the pieces of the puzzle to create a holistic picture of an active person’s life and ability to live it to its fullest. A practice that can be trusted to embrace a qualitative and quantitative approach to our health and wellness, both now and into the future.


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Reinvent Health Care

At Peak Performance Institute, our goal is to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered in Perth. With our state-of-the-art facilities, unique services, and exceptional patient experience, we offer something truly special and unparalleled in the industry.

From the moment you enter our building, you’ll know you’re in a different kind of healthcare environment. Our “waiting room” is replaced with a comfortable lounge area, complete with a coffee bar, espresso window, and food display cabinet serving up freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. The ambiance is relaxed yet energetic, with chilled music, stylish lighting, indoor trees, a green wall, and fresh flowers adding to the welcoming atmosphere. Patients can choose to sit in comfortable lounge seating or ergonomically designed chairs, and are offered complimentary drinks and access to a self-help station with drinks and fresh fruits.

We even have a whole wall dedicated to health news, meaningful magazines, and free handouts to educate and inform our patients. Our goal is to create a welcoming, stress-free environment that invites everyone to come in and leave their worries at the door.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday6:30AM - 6:30PM
Saturday6:30AM - 12:30PM

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(08) 9381 1265


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