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Until the day that one practices martial arts and truly experiences the pain, focus, discipline, skills and endurance a fighter experiences, he/she cannot relate to the demands and commitment required to perform at that level.

More and more people are gravitating towards martial arts disciplines for mental and physical balance they acquire through this ancient practice.

Our Bullet proof fighter is run and overseen by Mr Leo Nguyen, 5x WA Muay Thai champion with a vast experience in training, coaching and personally performing at the top of his game. With his advanced training in fitness and personal training, he is able to provide a holistic approach to your training by introducing:

  • Specifically designed strength and conditioning programs
  • Skills training
  • Martial arts- based conditioning and endurance programs
  • Meditation and breathing training


The program runs for 12-18 weeks based on your condition and expectations. The program aims to assist you be at your best and perform at your peak regardless of your age, gender or goals. This is a unique and exceptional program offered by one of the best in the game!

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