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Bullet Proof Socceroo program is an 6,8 and 12 weeks program which enhances your physiology to perform at your peak in a sports specific environment designed and dedicated specifically to soccer.

The program is designed and run by a team comprised of exercise physiologists, sports podiatrists, sports scientists and physiotherapists. With an intimate knowledge of playing soccer as well as managing many players throughout years, the team is excited to offer this service to the Perth community. With FIFA training behind them, the team’s offering is unique and promises to bring value to each and every team and player.

Soccer is a multidirectional sports with a significant stress and pressure on athletes. Without a correct and resilient physiology, most players find themselves injured or suffering from long lasting niggles and pain.

The program identifies each athlete’s physiological performance and baseline utilising objective measurement assessment tools “the VLAD suite”. This state of the art system allows our team to objectively assess your current posture, muscular strength, activation rate, symmetry, balance and possible causation to any adverse impacts on your performance.


Zebris, a state of the art running assessment tool is also used which determines the athletes symmetry in gait, pressure distribution and any lower extremity disorders.


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