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Hip pain can have many possible causes, and the source of the pain may be caused by multiple structures, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. Symptoms of hip pain may be present for months or years before seeking treatment, especially if the onset is slow and gradual or if the symptoms come and go.

Hip pain may be caused by structures in and around the hip, such as muscles and tendons, as well as the ball and socket joint of the hip itself. However, other structures outside the hip, such as the sciatic nerve, can also cause symptoms within the hip.

Imaging tests, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs, can be useful in identifying more serious causes of hip pain and determining treatment options. However, they have limitations as they do not show muscle tension or pain.

It is important to receive a thorough assessment from a registered health professional to understand the cause of your hip pain and work with them to develop a treatment and management plan. By understanding the cause of the symptoms and working with a health practitioner, you can achieve better management and recovery.


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