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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or colloquially known as Shin splints is a painful condition offered suffered by runners. Podiatrists will assess whether there is bone stress along the Tibia (main shin bone), and if there is also accompanying muscular pain or overload in the soles (lower calf muscle) or anterior compartment (tibialis anterior and peroneal muscle groups). It is important to note that if indeed there is evidence of high bone stress, a period of de-loading, and significantly reduced running volume in order to allow the bone stress to settle, if this is not followed stress fractures can result in the tibia.

Often a period of focussed soleus, posterior tibialis and anterior compartment muscle strengthening if recommended in order to increase the capacity of these muscles which will help protect from bone stress and absorb ground reaction forces during running. Modification of running form to reduce overstriding or mechanics that might be inducing high loading patterns can be initiated. Additionally, advice around footwear that can facilitate better mechanics, such as a medially supportive running shoe that reduces high pronatory forces about the ankle can help in lower muscular strain and impact forces on the tibia.


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