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Declan Thompson

Dr Declan Thompson

Dr. Declan Thompson is a distinguished alumnus of Murdoch University, holding both a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic. His academic journey has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of chiropractic principles and clinical expertise.

With a profound passion for sports, particularly AFL and golf, Dr. Thompson has actively engaged in the sports community. He has served as the chiropractor for soccer teams, showcasing his commitment to optimizing athletic performance and preventing injuries.

While possessing a love for travel, Dr. Thompson remains deeply rooted in his hometown of Perth. It is here that his interest in chiropractic science was ignited, witnessing firsthand its impact on enhancing athletic capabilities and injury prevention.

Driven by this personal connection to the field, Dr. Thompson is dedicated to contributing to the well-being of others through the application of chiropractic principles to promote overall health and athletic well-being.

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