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Again and again, we find our clients regardless of their age dealing with the same complaints. It is not uncommon that they are told or believe that having “back pain” or “knee pain” is just a normal part of their life.

In the athletic community, this can be viewed as a “weakness” or an obstacle to push beyond the current performance level and leads to many either not reaching their full potential or accept to experience relapses every so often leading to time-off raining and mismanaged performance and altered future career goals.

They frustratingly spend time after time in a physio or chiro office dealing with the same issue for years without really finding a true solution to manage, rehabilitate or end their complaint.

Facing this frustration at both ends- practitioner’s and patient’s, led to creation of the Bulletproof Programs.

A comprehensive, evidence-based approach- to lower back pain, hip and knee pain and shoulder pain- was used to support our clients through such challenging stages in their life and prevent future recurrences (leading to chronic and complex conditions which only become more difficult to manage as time passes).

According to your presentation, the Bulletproof programs run for 6,12 or 18 weeks. These comprehensive management protocols are based on latest research and evidenced management tools with added advantage of most advanced technology and treatment options only available at PPI.


Bulletproof shoulder

Shoulder joint is a complex region with insertion of many muscles, support of many ligaments and the demand of a multi-directional movement pattern rarely seen in other joints in the body.

The diverse use and demand we place on the shoulder joint with daily activities and sporting impacts, make the shoulder joint conditions to be one of the most commonly presented complaints at PPI.

Bulletproof shoulder program was created to address this need for our athlete and active part of the community. With a comprehensive approach to your condition as well as assessing other regions which impact your shoulder joints such as your cervical and thoracic spine as well as a holistic strengthening and condition program for your shoulder joint, we can confidently provide you with the very best!

Bulletproof program aims to provide you with the latest evidence-based recommendations, a multi-disciplinary approach to your condition and the latest technology only available at PPI.


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